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Released Sept 2010



Pics Print V3

Pics Print 3.26 released Sept 10
More RAW image formats supported

Pics Print 3.24
Minor bug fixes

Pics Print 3.22
More RAW image formats supported

Pics Print 3.20
Updated holiday dates

Pics Print 3.18
Fixed drag/drop problem
Minor bug problems
Vista fixes

Pics Print 3.16
Fix Custom sizes for European number formats
Calendar wizard now sets the calendar to the next month, or the next year.
Fix for painting issues on some computers
Misc. Bug fixes

Pics Print 3.14
Speed improvements
Vista integration
Added Camera Make and Model to Caption auto text
Fixed issue with Browser disappearing
Fixed issue saving to pdf

Pics Print 3.10
Vista fixes
Fixed some flickering issues

Pics Print 3.08
Fixed issues with the Opening dialog and the help file
Minor bug fixes

Pics Print 3.06
Added a 'No Margins' checkbox to most wizards
Fixed problems printing really large (> 50 megapixels) images.
Fixed problems printing captions on some computers

Pics Print 3.02
Fixed display bug in Small thumbnails.
Fixed '6" x 4" Three images' layouts.
Fixed bug when there is no default printer
Floating toolbar moved lower
Fixed bug reloading file after some pictures have been deleted

Pics Print 3.00

Top 10 improvements in version 3
1. Calendar creation and Calendar wizard
2. Borderless printing and layout
3. Automatic crop-to-fit
4. Simpler, easier User Interface
5. Support for Picasa comments
6. Support for more image formats including most raw formats
7. Image Frames (Items -> Border menu)
8. Faster printing with higher quality options
9. Support for larger files (over 100meg)
10. Over 100 minor fixes and improvements

Beta 28
Fix for error on closing Wizard
Added another Calendar template

Beta 27 - RC 1
Changing the Calendar country in the options will update all calendars in the file
Added Blank Layouts to New Document window
Add frames to an image turns off Auto cropping

Beta 26
Fixed a bug with saving position

Beta 25
Added a calendar option for Monday start to the week
Empty text boxes now display a '(double click to edit)' message
Centering images now works on all selected images
Fixed help mapping for options and wizards
Now saves hourly events in the calendar
Selects the caption when it has been added

Beta 24
Size sidebar now has a scroll bar
Sizes are now shown with the large value first (eg 6" x 4")
Complete rewrite of calendar drawing
Updated help file

Beta 23
Fixed more floating toolbar visual bugs
Fixed bug with 'Bring to Front'
Fixed minor cropping bug
Item Info Dialog tidied up
Print Dialogs ignore empty pages

Beta 22
Fixed some toolbar crashing
Dragging an image to the page now adds it to the end of the page, not the start

Beta 21
Fixed a problem with cropping not applying.
Fixed crashes when cancelling wizards

Beta 20
Fixed a couple of crashes
Fixed problem with the sizing and location of the New Document window

Beta 19
Fixed size of menus in Text Editor
Adjusted size of Options dialog
Possible fix for drawing problems while centering items
Resized image printing options and pdf printing options
Wizards now start in the bottom left corner so that they don't obscure the preview window
Removed Welcome form and replaced with New Documents form
Fixed bug in Image editing, apply sepia
Move Wizard menu to toolbar under the New Document button
Rearranged toolbars

Beta 18
Fixed bug when applying sepia and grayscale
Removed code to show captions on the toolbars.
Hide floating toolbar while viewing wizards
Lengthened some text boxes
Better thumbnails on templates

Beta 17
Changed registration scheme for PP3
Fixed problem saving color schemes
Tidied up Image Editor

Beta 16
Fixed text sizing issues
Fixed cropping issues

Beta 15
Rearranged Options dialog
Added Image, Text and Calendar options pages
Auto crop option on right click menu and main menu
Floating toolbar with rotate, edit and delete buttons

Beta 14
Borderless layout
Calendar Wizard

Beta 13
Added Calendar item
Added Borderless Wizard
Updated Wizard graphics

Beta 12
Added Auto cropping of images
Beta 11
Added support for image plugins
Added better raw support
Added Auto-cropping

Beta 10
Added Dialogs Option page
Changed Close dialog allow 'Do not show again'

Beta 9
Moved ini file to Local Data folder

Beta 8

New rotate Image dlg
Increased maximum browser thumb grid size to 100 meg.

3.00 Beta 4
Fixed display of filenames once the image is edited
Fixed sepia and grey scale edits not saving.

3.00 Beta 3
UI and usage updates to thumbnail grid
Added Image Printer option to Select Print. This option gives more control
- new large thumbnail display option (single no disk caching)
- Can now display more information for most file display modes (date, size and dimensions)
- background loading -
- various styling improvements - see thumbnailtextdisplay, thumbnailposition and thumbnailstyle
- if you weren't using thumbtracking before you should as it now works well because of background loading
- Can Optionally use checkboxes (which is independent of normal selection mechanism)
- Added option to alter the number of cached thumbnails

3.00 Beta 1
Added Image Frames (Items -> Border menu)
Added Set Current Printer as default option to the File->Select Printer menu
Added Iptc (and thus Picasa caption) support to the caption autotext options.
The following IPTC values are supported by name:
2:15 Category
2:20 Supplemental Category
2:25 Keywords
2:80 By-line
2:85 By-line Title
2:90 City
2:92 Sublocation
2:95 Province/State
2:100 Country/ Primary Location Code
2:101 Country/Primary Location Name
2:105 Headline
2:110 Credit
2:115 Source
2:116 Copyright Notice
2:118 Contact
2:120 Caption/Abstract
2:122 Writer/Editor
In addition, all other recordset 2 string values are supported using the codes
<IPTC 2:xxx>
Values can be viewed in the item information screen (Items menu -> View Item Info)

2.50 Jan 2005
Added support for more raw image formats
Added faster access to sharpening in the image editor

2.18 Dec 2004
Fixed red eye problems in some computers

Fixed Custom Size bug with rotated images
Now ignores printer margins
Added Footer height option
Added a menu item to select the desired printer (File -> Select Printer)

Added Sepia and B/W buttons
Fixed header/footer drawing bug with large margins
Fixed bug with text inside templates
Fixed bug with dragging images not reordering
Fixed bug with DateTimeOriginal
Fixed bug saving DefaultAttachedTextHeight
Folder refresh now also refreshes the folder tree

Added Printing option allowing slower/safer text printing

Fixed positioning problem when saving in manual mode
Fixed copy/paste bug with images
When drag/dropping images, they are added in sorted order
Added Parameters: To use, View -> Sidebar -> parameters. Add to text boxes with < >

2.10 15 May 2004
Now displays longer filenames when in IconInfo and Filename mode (browser)
Added ini settings for IconInfo and Filename mode
Now prints headers and footers on pdf files.
Removes 'File to Big' warning
Added Align to height, width, position, margin options on item menu and right click menu.
Added Alignment toolbar (disabled by default)

2.08 Released 26th April 2004
Fixed occasional crash when undoing
Fixed access violations
Removed several scary error messages
Handles large files much faster

2.06 Released 1st April 2004
Added File toolbar with save, load, cut, copy paste
Added cut copy paste to right click menus
Reduced memory usage with large files and cropped files
Correctly sets aspect ratio when cropping in manual layout
Added Freehand, polygon and magic wand selection to image editor.
Template wizard now retrieves template text
Fixed bug with Twain images
Now handles large tif files correctly
Prints faster, especially with large files

2.04 Released 14 March 04
Fixed bug with footers in landscape mode
Fixed bug with small drags in manual mode
Fixed bug with custom borders

Fixed bug with cropping in manual mode
Headers/footers now reposition properly
URL's in about box now work properly.
Fixed some crashing problems...

Headers/footers now show properly

Initial Release 10 February 2004

Version 2 development has focused on improving the speed and ease of use of Pics Print. The user interface has been redesigned to reduce confusion and the styling has been significantly improved. Pics Print is now more powerful with many new features, such as faster printing, higher quality output options and enhanced text formatting.

Here is a top ten list of enhancements:

  1. Completely redesigned interface with larger buttons
  2. A new sidebar offers access to common tasks
  3. Can now add borders and drop shadows to images
  4. Faster Printing speed without a reduction in quality
  5. Now offers borderless printing
  6. High quality printing options now available for compatible printers
  7. More comprehensive editing of headers, footers and text
  8. Enhanced template features for repetitive printing tasks such as fliers and posters
  9. Pics Print is now offered as a camera retrieval option on Windows XP
  10. Support for embedded camera information (EXIF)


Pics Print V1

1.29 Released 15 December 2003
Fixed bug with scanners
Fixed copy/paste bug

1.27 Released 19 July 2003
Graphic update
Fixed bug with printing text labels

Added command line parameters:
-m : Set to manual layout
-l : Set to named autolayout eg "-lFull Page"

1.25 Released 22 May 2003
Images would resize slightly when dragged. Fixed.
When dragging images in manual mode, adds to dragged page rather than adding
a new page
Shows border and margin lines on images that extend off the side of the page
Fixed bug in thumbnail wizard. Now images are always added in alpha order.

1.23 Released 29 April 2003
Added Append File option to File Menu.
Templates now automatically extend if you add additional images.
Fixed crashing when cropping some images

1.21 Released 3 March 2003
Added Default Font Size option for Text boxes and Header/Footer.
Added a Fill Pages option to the Browser menu.
Added a Fill Page with Selected Image to the Items menu

Fixed display issues where jpg dpi figures are wrong.
Fixed orientation problems when using landscape pages and printer setup
Text boxes no longer display as transparent in preview
Faster printing on high resolution printers
Batch printing
Item Bring to front / Send to back commands (Items menu -> Move)
Added <filedate> option for attached text captions.

Fixed resizing of images when loading pprint files
Added 'Reverse Order' to printing options
Added Layout tab to Page Options (useful for quickly changing image size etc)
Added 'Keep Aspect Ratio' check box to Add Images by Size Wizard.
Add 'Custom size' to Add Images by Size Wizard.
Added 'move to next/prior page' to right click and item menus.
Deletes blank pages as required

Allow loading image from File -> Open menu item
Removed duplication of file formats from Open file dialog
Fixed error when reducing page margins
Added View margins option
Initial implementation of templates

1.17 Released 30 September 2002
Added Item Information view (Item Menu) showing Width, Height, DPI etc
Fixed PDF centring issues

1.16 Released 8 September 2002
Background images (right click on an image in the browser and select 'Set Background image'). This has no functional use what-so-ever, but it does look nice.
Print dialogs for pdf printing and image printing. These allow you to select the resolution of the output file, and choose the pages to print.
Fix display problems with large fonts
Fix header/footer size and font issues

1.14 Released 25 August 2002
Added Page Options (right click on page, double click on page or Page menu)
including Page Margins and Header/Footer.
Implemented Cut/Copy/Paste
XP style toolbars and margins.
Red Eye Removal (Registered users plugin)
Print to PDF (Registered users plugin)
Print to Bitmap

1.12 Released 6 August 2002
Fixed images all over the place problem again
Added more layout options (4 per page, 6 per page, 8 per page, 9 per page)

1.11 28 July 2002
Minor tidy up to uninstallation

1.10 19 July 2002
Fixed scrollbar bug.
Fixed file sorting bug.

Fixed images all over the place problem.

Fixed 'Index out of range' bug when adding folders in wizards
Moved thumbnail settings to start of thumbnail wizard
Nudging added

Fixed bug when saving cropped images.
Added Text color option.
Added FAQ to help file

Fixed bug in beta when printing cropped images.
Fixed 'Out of resources' error when printing large images
Changed trial version restrictions (allows 14 days printing)

Added image editing (crop, free rotate, color adjust etc)
Fixed bug saving form size and position
Added Set DPI option to Items menu. Not shown in simplified interface. Does not affect text.
DPI and dimensions are showing in the hint for the currently selected item

Added High Quality image resizing option.
Added tip warning of trial limitations.
Removed counter in Printing Abort Dialog.
Increased spacing between thumbnails.

1.00 Initial release June 20, 2002